Evacuation Plan

Following Hurricane Katrina, some children were separated from their families for six months. Don't let this happen to your family. Prepare now so you can leave immediately to a pre-determined safe haven during a natural or manmade catastrophe: hurricane, flood, nuclear accident, terror attack, volcanic eruption, chemical spill, etc. Being ready to leave at a moment's notice is the most crucial step in preparedness planning.…



The loss of personal or mass transit transportation would trigger instant chaos.  Imagine being on the road and having your vehicle stop working without notice.  All around you, people are stepping out of their vehicles and scratching their heads, wondering what happened.  You're miles away from home in unfamiliar territory and your only option is to walk. If the mass transit system stopped, thousands of…



Reality Check! Here's a startling fact: Your average hiking gear just won't cut it during a critical infrastructure failure. First responders and military personnel know what's required; your average sports outfitter hasn't a clue. When disaster strikes, you'll need gear capable of protecting you in war-zone-like conditions: no running water, no electricity, no way to dry, clean or repair your gear. That's why the gear…


Emergency Medical

 When widespread disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes happen, the need for first responders quickly exceeds government's ability to address individual needs on the ground.  In fact, on a weekly basis in many counties across the U.S, the need frequently exceeds first response capabilities. So if responders are stretched under daily expected volumes, imagine the chaos that might ensue during an extended emergency event lasting weeks,…



"Surge Capacity", in hospital parlance, is the number of additional patients a hospital can admit before it becomes incapable of accepting new patients. Every hospital has a stated surge capacity. The average surge capacity for hospitals across the nation is twenty. That means if you happen to be number twenty-one during an area-wide emergency event, you will not be admitted, no matter how life-threatening your…


Survival Bartering

E Bartering is the free exchange of goods or services.  This system of trade is practiced all over the world today, except in the United States, where it is the exception to the rule of money. Imagine going to an ATM to withdraw cash for groceries and fuel.  The ATM eats your card and the bank is closed because it's a holiday.  Now you have no…


Rebuilding after Disaster

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducts an annual poll regarding individual preparedness. During the 2009 national survey, just 1% of respondents listed personal documents as part of their plan. But even those who had documentation weren't as prepared as they thought. Having the proper documentation, resources, and plan helps you recover quickly following a disaster.  Discover the resources available to you and learn why…