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Dr. William Forstchen

Military Historian
& NY Times best-selling Author

William R. Forstchen has a Ph.D. from Purdue University with specializations in Military History and the History of Technology. He is a Faculty Fellow and Professor of History at Montreat College.

He is the author of over forty books, including the New York Times bestselling series Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor (coauthored with Newt Gingrich), as well as the award-winning young adult novel We Look Like Men of War. He has also authored numerous short stories and articles about military history and military technology.

In March 2009, Dr. Forstchen’s latest work, One Second After, (Forge/St. Martin’s books) was released. Based on intensive research and interviews, it examines what might happen to the social order in a “typical” American town in the wake of an EMP attack on the United States. The book was cited by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R.-MD), on the floor of Congress and before the House Armed Services Committee, as a realistic portrayal of the damage of an EMP attack on the continental United States.

Dr. Forstchen's interests include archaeological research on sites in Mongolia, and as a pilot he owns and flies an original World War II "recon bird." Dr. Forstchen resides near Asheville, North Carolina with his teenage daughter Meghan and their small pack of golden retrievers and yellow labs.

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