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The NOAH Project is a non-government organization dedicated to the civil defense and survival of American families and their communities in the event of a nuclear or solar EMP or any other catastrophic event that would affect societal change in America.

Something was missing

When Sid Morris asked the question "How do I protect my family from an EMP attack or solar event?" he could not get a straight answer. It's not that no one knew answers to his questions, but that the answers where mostly incorrect. The military has been preparing for an EMP event for over 40 years, but that was of little comfort to Morris in that the "how to" information was mostly classified. That being the case, Morris searched out and found the leading experts, authors and engineers of the books and technology that now serve as a blueprint for the NOAH Project.

Keep it simple

The NOAH team does the research and testing that determine the products and systems that will work on the civilian level efficiently. Our focus is to take what, at most times, can be a complicated and sophisticated system and find a simple answer that can be translated economically to the civilian market. While there are many products on the market that can supply energy, pump water and heat your home, few have the quality and durability standards that meet NOAH certification criteria.

The bottom line

NOAH has researched and validated the systems and equipment your family will need to survive an EMP or other catastrophic events.

Ask yourself?

Will you and your family become a victim of a catastrophic event or will you and your family survive a catastrophic event?


The good news is

If you understand the threat of an EMP or other catastrophic events and the impact they will have on your family and our society, the NOAH Project is here to help. To learn more about NOAH strategies and to help support our efforts in educating American families about EMP, please consider joining the NOAH Project today.

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