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The loss of the Nation's electrical grid would be catastrophic. As a nation we are highly dependent on electricity for life and a single EMP event could in a single instant put our lives in jeopardy.

Dr. Cynthia Ayers writes, "An EMP could plunge the United States into chaos, putting the country at the mercy of its enemies. Recovery could take up to 10 years and would be dependent upon the production and supply of up to 300 major transformers that are key to the operation of our grid. Considering that these transformers are currently only produced overseas, and take years to build, it is safe to assume that Americans would have to rely on allies for support not only for the supply of grid components, but also for food, medicine and virtually everything else that a modern society needs. Yet if the EMP is the onset of a worst-case global scenario, America may not have the help of allied countries [who will be] dealing with their own devastating EMP effects. NOAH's efforts provide American families with qualified alternative solutions in the event of an attack".

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