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When in crisis (and at all other times) safe drinking water is essential. Although you can survive for several days without water, doing so can cause life-threatening complications. Lacking sufficient amounts of water, internal damage begins within days (within hours in high temperatures and high-exertion scenarios). If a catastrophic infrastructure disruption occurs, your water faucets won't work. You'll be on your own to locate and store the essential water you'll need to sustain your rescue and relief efforts and the lives of the loved ones in your care.

Your water solution must be repeatable and sustainable.  It's physically impractical to store enough water for extended periods of time, so you'll need a solution that creates safe drinking water over the long haul if necessary.

NOAH offers tried-and-true, certified solutions to provide you a continuous source of safe drinking water during extended infrastructure disruptions. Here are just a few of the critical factors to consider when storing water safely and reliably.  The best strategies for long-term water storage aren't what you've been commonly told.

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