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According to the FBI annual report "Crime in the United States," the majority of non-misdemeanor crimes in the U.S. are property crimes: burglary, larceny (theft that occurs outside the home), and motor vehicle theft.

Theft is the most common crime across the United States during relatively calm times.  What drives a person to steal:  opportunity; poverty; hard times?   A disaster event creates the perfect environment for theft: people become fearful of finding their next meal.  You see this behavior during riots: mobs breaking into businesses and stealing. When chaos arises, local law enforcement officers are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crime and can't respond to every crime or control the massive mobs. 

Opportunity crimes are committed without pre-planning.  With planning and strategy, you can remove opportunity from the equation.  Security systems are a great strategy for active and passive deterrence.    But they can become a disadvantage when alarms are triggered repeatedly by nonthreatening activities.

If your alarm sounds every time an animal or other non-threatening actor passes by, you will likely become complacent when a real threat comes along; perhaps an armed robber intent on taking your stored food. 

NOAH Labs has developed an exclusive security solution. Unavailable elsewhere, this revolutionary security system provides advance warning of threats and can distinguish the difference between a deer and an armed man.

Not only will you know if there's an armed person on your property; you'll also know where he is on your property.  This gives you ample opportunity to implement your security plan and stop the threat.

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