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Bartering is the free exchange of goods or services.  This system of trade is practiced all over the world today, except in the United States, where it is the exception to the rule of money.

Imagine going to an ATM to withdraw cash for groceries and fuel.  The ATM eats your card and the bank is closed because it's a holiday.  Now you have no cash and no card to use at the grocery store and the gas station.

Now, extend the experience out a week, a month or longer and imagine that the same misfortune has affected everyone in your community; you're all in the same boat with no end in sight.   With such critical demand, purchasing systems will change.  More people will resort to bartering for necessities. 

And bartering commodities will change depending on how long the emergency lasts.  Find out the critical factor in bartering and the best items to stash for trading should a paralyzing event last several months or longer.

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