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The loss of personal or mass transit transportation would trigger instant chaos.  Imagine being on the road and having your vehicle stop working without notice.  All around you, people are stepping out of their vehicles and scratching their heads, wondering what happened.  You're miles away from home in unfamiliar territory and your only option is to walk.

If the mass transit system stopped, thousands of people would be trapped in underground subway systems in the dark. Buses sidelined. Airplanes grounded.  

Your ingrained reaction would be to get out of your vehicle and start walking home.  To delay would be to find yourself in an increasingly dangerous situation as those around you began to panic. 

In 1962 the United States and the Soviets detonated nuclear weapons in space. When they did, it was reported that a number of cars' ignition systems a thousand miles away from the detonations were fried due to an EMP.  Its unclear how an EMP event would impact today's vehicles.

To be assured that your vehicle will run following an E-1, E-2 or E-3 EMP event from a Nuclear or Solar flare, you'll want to get a pre-1980 vehicle with a simple ignition system.

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