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Reality Check! Here's a startling fact: Your average hiking gear just won't cut it during a critical infrastructure failure.

First responders and military personnel know what's required; your average sports outfitter hasn't a clue. When disaster strikes, you'll need gear capable of protecting you in war-zone-like conditions: no running water, no electricity, no way to dry, clean or repair your gear.

That's why the gear we certify and recommend has undergone thorough testing under the most rugged, unforgiving conditions we can find or manufacture.  When you buy NOAH-approved gear, you're buying the best for when you'll need it most.

But there's more to gear than its quality. Should you be required to evacuate from your area, there are three critical factors you'll need to address. The Go-Bag is Factor #2. But it's the least critical of the three factors. To safeguard your family completely you'll need...

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