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Cynthia Ayers

VP EMPAct America

Cynthia Ayers was recently appointed Vice President of EMPact America, after retiring from the National Security Agency (NSA) with over 38 years of government service. Her intelligence community career included a position as an NSA Representative to the DCI's Counterterrorism Center, where she worked throughout the attacks on the USS Cole and 9/11 (2000-2002).

Her service culminated in an eight-year assignment to the Center for Strategic Leadership as the National Security Agency's Visiting Professor to the U.S. Army War College (USAWC). While at the USAWC, Professor Ayers taught electives on contemporary threats to national security from an intelligence perspective, and advised students on research concerning strategic intelligence, counterterrorism, cyberwarfare, the Middle East and critical infrastructure protection.

She has written several published articles on national security issues (to include the threat of an EMP resulting from an attack using a high-altitude nuclear blast); given presentations to a variety of federal, state, and local organizations; participated as guest and co-host in radio broadcasts; and assisted with the production of workshops on topics of national security interest (e.g. Iran, terrorism, and catastrophic critical infrastructure events).

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